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Message from the Chairman

Prof. Quazi Abdul Mannan
Dean & Chairman
Department of Journalism and Media Studies
Stamford University Bangladesh

With the above background, it is my great pleasure to extend a hearty and warm welcome to prospective students to the department of Journalism & Media Studies at Stamford University. Starting as a small academic enterprise in the Summer of 2005, the department has developed into an institution of quality and distinction. Although the Department is still evolving, I am tempted to tell prospective students and their parents that the path the Department needs to be on has been well set; we are firmly footed. We have set both the tone and the direction. All our efforts and energies are directed to take the Department to new heights and make it shine; attain respectability and be in the academic spotlight. I have come to believe that this is a wonderful department for students to grow up, learn, build their career, character and personality. Our faculties are sensitive to the academic and professional needs of the students.

Beyond studies we try to foster a deeper appreciation of everyday human virtues. We teach students to become good, kind, loving and caring human beings. We tell them not to be impatient with life. We tell them to conduct themselves with grace and a high degree of responsibility. We try to give a whole new insight into the way they will face life.

We strive to make Stamford Journalism & Media Studies Department credible and responsible to society. It is not in our policy to put a positive face on an unworthy institution. Experience tells us that no institution can sustain a reputation that is not deserved. We want to earn a reputation that is deserved and we want to earn it through our genuine concern for quality education. We pride ourselves on our declared values of commitment to quality and reaffirm our pledge to remain relevant and competitive. Welcome, again.


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