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With the rapid expansion of the print and electronic media as well the phenomenal growth of the internet, social media, PR, advertising and the information industry over the past decade, Bangladesh is at the threshold of a media boom. There is an equally growing need for producing better quality journalism and media graduates to feed this booming industry.

Succeeding generations of young men and women aspiring to take journalism, media and PR as a career, must receive the right kind of education and training at the right institutions. Stamford University Bangladesh has been mindful of this need and the founding of the Department of Journalism and Media Studies in April 2005 marked an important event in the history of journalism and media education in the country. The department is an exciting academic enterprise. It is a pioneer in private sector journalism education in this country and truly means a great deal to those students who enroll here to build their career and character.

The department occupies a unique position and enjoys a reputation of having a group of faculty members with brilliant academic profiles. Begun as a small academic enterprise, the department is gradually making its mark as a respectable center of journalism and media education. Its overall goal is to promote and elevate the standards of journalism, communication and media education.

The options to choose from when it comes to higher education in Bangladesh may seem many but few are on par in quality and history with Stamford.



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